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Is Bankruptcy The Right Step For You?

Bankruptcy is one of the possible solutions available to thousands of ordinary people facing serious consumer debt problems in the UK today. However, it might not be the most appropriate solution for you so it’s always important to speak to an independent debt advisor.

Bankruptcy is a legal process that will write off the debts you can't afford and put a stop to any further action from your lenders.

Speak with an adviser today to discuss whether bankruptcy is the best option for your circumstances.

What are the advantages of going bankrupt?

When the bankruptcy order is over you can make a fresh start - in many cases this can be after a year. Other advantages of going bankrupt include:

  • the pressure is taken off you because you don’t have to deal with your creditors
  • you're allowed to keep certain things, like household goods and a reasonable amount to live on
  • creditors have to stop most types of court action to get their money back following a bankruptcy order
  • the money you owe can usually be written off
Are there any disadvantages to Bankruptcy?

To apply to go bankrupt you’ll need to pay a £680 fee. Other disadvantages of going bankrupt include:

  • Assets may be taken
  • If you own our home, it may have to be sold to recover some of the money you owe. Some of your other assets, for example, your car and any luxury items you own are also at risk and may need to be sold.

  • Could be making payments for 3 years
  • If your income is high enough, you’ll be asked to make payments towards your debts for 3 years.

  • Credit rating will be affected
  • it will be more difficult to take out credit while you're bankrupt and your credit rating will be affected for 6 years.

  • Details placed on Public Register
  • Bankruptcy cannot be kept private. Your details will be placed on the Insolvency Register which is accessible online. In some cases, details of your Bankruptcy may also be published in your local newspaper.

  • Employment Opportunities Restricted
  • Your employment opportunities could be restricted – some professions don’t let people who have been made bankrupt carry on working If you’re a business owner, it’s likely that the Official Receiver will force your business to be closed down, and any current employees you have will lose their jobs.

About Debt Centres

We're here to help, we will introduce you to one of our authorised debt solutions partners. A quick, informal chat to a fully trained UK based debt specialist will enable them to find the right help and information for you and help you to become debt free.

  • Nationwide coverage from UK based debt specialists.
  • Reduce your debt by up to 70% with UK Legislation*
  • There is help available you even if you have low income, previous bad credit or CCJs
IVA Example
Here's an example of how an IVA can make your debt affordable
How your finances may look...
Unsecured Loan:
Credit Card:
Store Card:
Total Owed:
Current monthly
With an IVA...
60 monthly
Total debt
paid back:
Total debt
written off:
Debt written
Debt Management Example
Here's an example of how a Debt Management Plan can make your debt affordable
How your finances may look...
Unsecured Loan:
Credit Card:
Store Card:
Total Owed:
Approx. Monthly
With a Debt Management Plan...
Approx. Monthly
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Debt Solutions
There are many debt help options available if you are struggling with debt. To learn more about each option click on the buttons below.
  • Debt Management

    A debt management plan is designed to help people who are struggling with their debts. If you owe at least £1,000 of unsecured debt and can afford to pay at least £80 per month or £20 a week then this could be an option for you.

  • IVA

    If you owe more than £5,000 and can afford at least £80 per month or £20 per week an IVA might be an option for you. An (IVA) is a Government Scheme to help those with unaffordable debts. An IVA lets you repay all your debts in a single monthly payment at a rate you can really afford.

  • Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is when you admit legally that you can't pay off what you owe to your creditors. You can do this as either a private individual or a business. You can also have bankruptcy imposed upon you, usually by creditors who are trying to recover money that you owe them.

  • Trust Deed

    A Trust Deed is help for those with unmanageable debt, exclusively for Scottish residents. It enables you to repay as much of your unsecured debt as you can within an agreed timeframe (usually 4 years). On completion, any remaining unsecured debt will be legally written off.

Fees & Key information

These debt solutions are designed to help you find the most affordable way out of debt. Fees maybe payable dependent on the solution recommend to you. By law Debt Solutions Companies must be clear about any fees payable. Click here for more details on Fees and Key Information

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